Host a Classic Rubber Ducky Themed Baby Shower

If you're looking for a cool and classic baby shower theme, then look no further!

A rubber ducky themed baby shower is the perfect theme for any type of baby shower. It works for a gender neutral baby shower, co-ed baby shower, all ages baby shower, workplace baby shower. It's so versatile and timeless, that any parent-to-be will just swoon over the cuteness

Decorations are a cinch with a rubber ducky themed baby shower. Duckies, duckies everywhere! Little rubber duckies can be sprinkled throughout the event to help keep the theme consistent. Clear, round glass stones can also be sprinkled about for the illusion of bubbles!

The soothing colors of yellow, blue and white can make an easy color theme for tying everything together. Blue paper plates, yellow cups, white napkins or a mix of all the colors can be a great way to convey the bubbly fun. Colored balloons and streamers are also an inexpensive way to make a bold statement with the theme colors.

Party favors for the guests can include bath bombs, little bottles of champagne or a cute pack of bubble gum! If you are inviting guests of all ages, then party favors for the kiddos can include a bottle of bubbles or even a mix of round candies in a cute bag.

A classic rubber ducky will always was associated with sweet little ones, so consider this adorable theme for your next baby shower!